What is the CFSC?

The mandatory Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) provides basic training to those who wish to obtain a firearms license in order to possess non-restricted firearms.

What is the CRFSC?

The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) provides basic training to those who wish to possess restricted firearms. The CFSC is a prerequisite for taking the CRFSC.

Can I download the manuals?

Yes, there are manuals available to download here. However, you must use a print version when taking the course (electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom).

Can I just order the Student manual?

NO. However, you can pickup at one of our Legion Halls on a teaching date, but contact us ahead of time, to ensure we have supply on hand.

Do I need any prior firearms experience?

No. We accept students with all levels of experience.

I am under 18 years old. Can I take the CFSC and Exam?

Yes, however, we require a Consent Form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Although you must be at least 18 years of age to possess a firearm, those younger may apply for a Minor's Permit to use a firearm while under supervision. Completion of the CFSC is required to apply for the Minor's Permit. Those under 18 are not eligible to take the CRFSC exam, but may take the course for educational purposes.

I am not a Canadian citizen / resident. Can I take the CFSC and Exam?

Yes. There are no restrictions on who can take the course.

What is the FSESO?

The Firearm Safety Education Service of Ontario (FSESO) is an association of instructors in Ontario who are designated by the Chief Provincial Firearms Office to teach the CFSC & CRFSC in Ontario

What is the difference between the Hunter Safety Course and the CFSC?

Hunting is administered by the provinces / territories, each of which have their own hunter education / safety courses. However, if you desire to go hunting with a firearm, prior completion of the CFSC is required.

Can I take the test without taking the course?

No. The CFSC & CRFSC are mandatory for the possession of firearms in Canada.

What can I expect from the exam?

The exams are divided into written and practical sections. The written consists of 50 true/false and multiple choice questions. For the practical, you will be expected to demonstrate and apply the material learned in the course. 80% is required in both sections in order to pass.

What if I fail the exam?

If you fail the exam you do not have to retake the course, but you must retake the full exam, including both the written and practical sections.

Are your courses wheelchair accessible?

Unfourtunately neither one of our Legion locations are wheelchair accessible. Contact us should special access arrangements be required.

In what languages is the CFSC available?

We offer the course in English, but it is available in French as well. A solid written and verbal comprehension of one of the two languages is strongly encouraged before taking the course.

Can I take the CFSC course elsewhere?

Yes. See the FSESO website for intructors in other locations in Ontario.